Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meramec's November books

School Boy Sleeping On Book. Photography.
Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 12 Dec 2013.

Thanksgiving must have worn us out! Meramec's 10 readers read of total of 27 books (our lowest count for the year) and 7321 pages. Maybe we'll do better over winter break in December. Here's what we read:

Secret of the Ginger Mice  Watts
Wild Wings  Lewis
Wolf Story  McCleery
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells  Faulks
Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange  Crawford
Outlander: A Novel  Diana Gabaldon
The Round House  Louise Erdrich
Medicine River  Thomas King
Earth Song Sky Spirit  Clifford E. Trafzer (ed)
Shadow Magic  Patricia C. Wrede
Someone  Alice McDermott
Longest Ride  Sparks
Gone Girl  Flynn
Elsewhere   Richard Russo
Just Kids   Patti Smith
Lutheranism 101  Kinnaman
Foreign and Female  Weatherford
One thousand gifts  Voskamp
Reversed  Thunder  Peterson
Meditations on the Incarnation Passion and Death of Jesus Christ  von Griffenberg
One Summer: America 1927   Bill Bryson
Double Down   Helperin and Heilemann
Song of the Lark  Willa Cather
The Facades  Eric Lundgren
Rivers: A Novel  Michael Farris Smith
Songs of Willow Frost  Jamie Ford
The Expats  Chris Pavone

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  1. Forgot to include: Jana & Damaris tied for number of titles (5 each), and Donna took the page count: 1336.