Friday, January 24, 2014

Meramec's December Books

Busy holidays, now a busy new semester! At 8 readers, 22 books, & 6691 pages, we have our lowest stats of the year. I know we're all reading, just not reporting everything.
Damaris led the pack with 4 books and 1303 pages.

Here's what we read at Meramec in December:

Bleakonomics  Rob Larson
The Infatuations  Javier MarĂ­as
Dragonfly in Amber  Diana Gabaldon
To Fetch a Thief  Spencer Quinn
The conquest of Lady Cassandra  Hunter
Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon  McCall Smith
Thrones and Dominations  Sayers and Walsh
Reiki sourcebook  Stiene
Daughter of Witches  Patricia C. Wrede
Harp of Imach Thyssel  Patricia C. Wrede
Caught in Crystal  Patricia C. Wrede
The true secret of writing : connecting life with language  Natalie Goldberg
Bully Pulpit  Goodwin
Deadly Heat  Castle
Sum of all Kisses  Quinn
In Love with a Wicked Man  Carlyle
Reversed Thunder    Eugene  Peterson
The First Thousand Years: a global history of Christianity  Robert Louis Wilken
God With Us  Greg Pennoyer and Gregory Wolfe (eds)
Hour of the Cat  Peter Quinn
Jacob's Oath  Martin Fletcher
Death of the Black-haired Girl  Robert Stone

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  1. Just made a correction: I had put "January" - these are the December books!